Experts for professional multimedia translations

Successful contents through multimedia translations

Internet, smartphone, social media - hardly any business can manage without using digital media. With professional translations this use is successful in any language or cultural circle.

We have experts available for multimedia translations of various types - from radio advertising via training to product videos. Here our native speaker translators take care to match contents not only linguistically but also stylistically to the target public. Through this type of “localization”, your message comes across in any language.

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Multimedia translations for your online success

Subtitles make audiovisual messages understandable everywhere

Audiovisual messages are more effective than pure texts - more and more businesses and organizations internalize this fact and focus on videoclips and multimedia presentations for successful communication.

In many cases, subtitles are required so that the images are shown to advantage and your message is really understood. If you would like to make these understandable in another language area, you need a professional translation, a translation which takes account of linguistic, stylistic and cultural details as well as, for example, the speed of videos.

Our translators bring your multimedia contents to life in any language, with many years’ experience, instinctive feeling and an in-depth knowledge of the particular topic.

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You all benefit from the following advantages when you have your documents translated by us:

More than 35 years experience
All languages from a single source
Translations in all technical areas
Large team of experienced translators
Fast delivery time by express translation
Fair prices for exceptional work
Multimedia translations

Localization - more than just a multimedia translation

When we talk of multimedia translations or of website or software translations, we actually mean localizations. The difference is as follows:

• In conventional translations, the translator translates the content into the other language as true to the original as possible. Structure and style remain the same.

• In the course of localizations, the text - and depending on the initial material, also the layout and graphical elements - are matched to cultural and stylistic idiosyncrasies in the target country.

The advantage of localizations in multimedia translations specifically consists in that the contents retain their effect in the translation. They are not only understood but arouse emotions. In this way, they supplement images and sounds perfectly.

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Language experts with sensitivity for subtitles and transcriptions

As one of the leading European translations agencies for technical translations, we can offer a wide range of translation services. In the area of multimedia translations the focus is on subtitling.

In both cases our translators perform a professional localization so that the relevant contents have their full effect in the target language.

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Step by step to first-class quality - our procedures for multimedia translations

We basically perform translations in a five-step process which is adapted to the individual assignment:

Sending the text

You send us the initial document or material. If you are uncertain, just ask us beforehand.


We prepare you a non-binding offer quickly and efficiently. Here you benefit from maximum transparency and predictability thanks to our fixed prices.

Analysis of the text

Once as we have received your order confirmation, our project managers examine your documents thoroughly. Then they assign a suitable native speaker translator.

Translation and checking

The translator then performs your translation immediately.


You receive the multimedia translation from us by email together with our invoice.

Error-free in any language

Multimedia translation in any language

Whether you need a multimedia translation, a website translation or a patent translation, you benefit from the following advantages with us:

• Large network of exclusively native speaker translators with many years’ experience and in-depth technical knowledge

• High data security, including through modern encryption techniques

• Tried and tested project management, based on efficient workflows

• Error-free translations on time

• Fair prices, regardless of the degree of difficulty of the translation

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