Safety through in-depth technical knowledge

Medical and pharmaceutical technical translations

Medical and pharmaceutical products are usually distributed in several countries. We supply you with the translations for this - on time, free from errors and in suitable style. Our range of services begins with translations of package information leaflets and extends via operating instructions for medical equipment as far as clinical findings and scientific studies.

You can count on medical technical translations which you can trust - by native speaker translators with in-depth knowledge of the subject matter for an all-round good feeling.

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Experience and quality

Our specialists for medical technical translations

Incorrect translations are a no-go in medicine and pharmaceuticals. Ultimately these fields are concerned with the health of humans and furthermore with the image of businesses, authorities or scientists. A wrong word here can have serious consequences.

This is why translators for medical and pharmaceutical documents must satisfy the following criteria:

• many years’ experience as professional technical translators

• in-depth medical or pharmaceutical technical knowledge

• technical knowledge always kept up to date

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You all benefit from the following advantages when you have your documents translated by us:

More than 35 years experience
All languages from a single source
Translations in all technical areas
Large team of experienced translators
Fast delivery time by express translation
Fair prices for exceptional work
Medical technical translations

Professional translation team for your projects

For translations in medicine and pharmaceuticals we work together with exclusively native speaker translators who have a broad theoretical knowledge and practical experience in this field, for example, through studying medicine and/or a professional occupation. Here we take care to ensure that our technical translators are just as familiar with the current trends as with the relevant technology .

Our project managers decide who is right for a medical job for each order individually following a thorough inspection of the documents.

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Overview of services for medicine and pharmaceuticals

Our translation service for medicine and pharmacy

Due to the international integration in the fields of medicine and pharmacy, there are a wide range of texts which regularly require translation. Thanks to our enormous network of technical translators, our range is also broadly based.

Medical and pharmaceutical documents which we regularly translate include the following: package information leaflets, operating instructions, scientific studies, clinical findings, expert opinions, patient information, documents for studies, toxicology reports, certificates, product descriptions, and many more.

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Step by step to first-class quality - our procedures for technical translations

So that you have a perfect result in your hands as quickly as possible, we adopt the following procedure when translating technical texts:

Sending the text

You send us the documents you need translating, ideally by email.


After an initial examination of your documents, we  prepare a free non-binding offer, at fixed prices on which you can rely.

Analysis of the text

As soon as we have received your order conformation, our project managers examine your documents more thoroughly. Then they assign you a suitable translator.

Translation and checking

The translator translates your texts into the desired language. Then the finished translation is thoroughly checked once again.

Delivery on time

We know how important it is to meet deadlines. This is why we deliver your translation reliably and absolutely on time together with our invoice.

Secuity in translations

Modern aids ensure consistency

In addition to an error-free translation, consistency is an important requirement in medicine and pharmaceuticals. Here we make an important contribution to uniformity.

In matters of security we are also supported by modern technology, for example by current encryption standards. Ultimately sensitive medical and pharmaceutical data is not intended for everyone.
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