Rapid assistance with translation topics

Express translations - high quality in a short time

Sometimes speed is of the essence. If you are searching for an express translation service at one of these moments, we are your contact. Whether it is a case of technical documents, patents or websites, with our network of experienced translators we cover a wide range of translation services even when you are in a rush. This includes certified translations by sworn translators.

In our fast-paced life, frequently every second counts. Our express translations are treated with priority and translated immediately.

You can be sure that the quality of our translations still remains high even when you need the result more quickly.

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Experience and quality

We offer you these advantages for express translations

Express translations are frequently a tricky issue. With us you can rely on a high quality even when little time is available. This is made possible by an enormous pool of experienced technical translators for every language combination.

We have set up a successful project management with sequences tried and tested over many years.

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You all benefit from the following advantages when you have your documents translated by us:

More than 35 years experience
All languages from a single source
Translations in all technical areas
Large team of experienced translators
Fast delivery time by express translation
Fair prices for exceptional work
Efficient express translations

We can provide these services

We have been operating as a professional translation agency focusing on technical translations for 35 years. We can now offer a wide range of services for express translations.

This includes the rapid and high-quality translation of:

Patents from any technical field

Technical documents such as operating instructions, datasheets or handbooks

Documents, certificates and other documents for which you need a certified translation by sworn translators


• and much more.

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Strong emphasis on quality in the shortest time

What do you expect from express translations

Whatever the initial document might be, whether you are ordering a “normal” translation or an express translation, we place great emphasis on the following characteristics in our translators:

• Native speakers

• In-depth technical knowledge of the particular subject matter (for example, with a university degree in engineering)

• Error-free working and delivery absolutely on time

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Step by step to first-class quality - our procedures for express translations

So that you have an error-free result in your hands in the fastest possible time, we adopt the following procedure when we translate technical documents:

Sending the text

You send us the relevant document by email, for example, as a word or pdf file. Alternatively we also accept many other file formats as well as fax documents.


We make you a non-binding offer with fixed prices on which you can rely.

Analysis of the text

After we have received your order confirmation, our experienced project managers analyze your document and assign it to a suitable native-speaker technical translator or to several should this be necessary for reasons of time.

Translation and checking

The translator translates the texts into the desired language. The result is then checked once more,  paying attention to layout and formatting as well as the linguistic translation.


You will receive the finished express translation as promised in high quality together with the invoice to the email address you have given.  

Certified express translations

Express for documents with legal force

For many documents a simple translation is not sufficient, for example, for contracts, certificates or documents. Here and in many other cases, you need a certified translation.

Especially for this, our network comprises trained and sworn translators for every language combination. With their signature, a stamp and place and date, they ensure that the relevant document retains its legal force in translation.

You can also obtain express translations in certified form.

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Professional translation sequences

Optimally coordinated working sequences

For express translations an efficient project management is particularly important. With us you benefit from an exceptionally well-coordinated team and well-engineered workflows. At the same time, we place emphasis on a high degree of flexibility. Should your express translation be too extensive for a single translator to be able to complete it in the desired time, it is possible to split the work between several translators for example.

You can also rely on high data security including modern encryption techniques. On this basis sensitive documents are also in good hands in our translation agency.

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