Document translation

Officially certified translations in all languages

You need to have important documents translated? You can find experienced sworn translators from all language areas with us. Whether it is commercial register extracts, doctor’s certificates, certificates, minutes or other documents, we provide an error-free and, if necessary, officially certified translation into the desired language. Fast, reliable and at fair prices.

If you are in a particular rush, we offer you an express service for the official translation of documents.
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Experience and quality

Professional translation of all types of documents

You have the choice. As one of the leading European technical translation agencies, we prepare document translations of many different types, for example: contracts, data protection declarations, balance sheets, documents, commercial registers, certificates, minutes, etc.

You are also flexible in language choice. Whether German-English, French or Spanish, thanks to our large network of translators we cover any language combination.

Here we make sure that we use only native speaker translators who have experience with the relevant document translations and in-depth knowledge of the respective material. We also work with sworn translators for officially certified translations.

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You all benefit from the following advantages when you have your documents translated by us:

More than 35 years experience
All languages from a single source
Translations in all technical areas
Large team of experienced translators
Fast delivery time by express translation
Fair prices for exceptional work
Certified document translation

Translation and certification by sworn translators

For many documents you need an officially certified translation. These include certificates, documents, court judgements but frequently also balance sheets for court examination abroad, register extracts and others.

In order that the translations acquire legal force, they must be prepared by a trained and sworn translator who has demonstrated his personal and technical suitability. Our pool of specialists for document translations comprises sworn translators for every language. On this basis we can undertake certified translations quickly and easily. The signature and stamp of the particular translator ensure full legal force and guarantee an error-free translation.

Tip: you are unsure whether you require an officially certified document translation? You can obtain information from your relevant authority.

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Our translators for your document

Stylistic uniformity and high data security

In addition to an error-free translation, uniformity is important for translations. This applies particularly to official documents. We work with modern systems for maximum consistency and homogeneous translations. You particularly benefit if you have texts translated by us frequently whether these are certified or other translations. Naturally in this case we always provide you with the same translator if they are available.

We also place importance on high data security, for example, by up-to-date encryption and continuous quality assurance. Sensitive information is in good hands with us and our translators at all times.

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Step by step to first-class quality - our procedure for document translations

For the translation of documents, we adopt the following procedure to guarantee a perfect result:

Sending the text

In a first step you send us the document which you need translated. Ideally you send it to us as a word or PDF file but we can also accept other file formats or a fax.


You will receive a free non-binding an offer from us. You can rely on the fact that this is a fixed price.

Analysis of the text

Our experienced project managers carefully examine your document and then assign it to a suitable translator. If appropriate, they select a sworn translator for an officially certified translation.

Translation and checking

The selected translator undertakes the translation. If this is a certified translation, they attach their signature and a stamp.


You will receive the finished translation together with our invoice by email or, if this is a certified translation, by post.