Successful communication in all languages

Marketing translations with the power of persuasion

Translations of brochures, catalogues, advertising mailings or press releases impose high requirements on translators. Ultimately power of persuasion is required here. This is more necessary than a literal translation.

Now you can ensure a successful public image in any country with marketing translations by technical translators familiar with advertising and PR.
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Experience and quality

Optimal adaptations instead of literal translations

Good advertising texts depend on skilful use of language. This includes play on words, metaphor and succinct slogans. In order to obtain the effect of these elements and entire texts in a marketing translation, they must be adapted to the target language.

Unlike the case with technical translations of package information leaflets, documents or scientific studies, good translators here immediately discard the idea of a literal translation in order to obtain the message and the emotion. The requirement here is for wordsmiths with a skill for communication.

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You all benefit from the following advantages when you have your documents translated by us:

More than 35 years experience
All languages from a single source
Translations in all technical areas
Large team of experienced translators
Fast delivery time by express translation
Fair prices for exceptional work
Efficient translations are successful

Marketing translations must take into account cultural differences

What seems funny in one country is a no-go in another country and conversely. This is one reason why we exclusively use native-speaker technical translators for marketing texts. They are able to take account of cultural differences and sensitivities in the respective target country and save you from putting your foot in it.

They also know what goes down well with the target audiences in the particular country and how to transfer play on words into the other language. The best requirements for successful power of persuasion.
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Our translators for your success

Persuade with translations from advertising and PR professionals

You want your brochures, press releases or advertising letters to have their full effect in every country? With us you benefit from the following advantages for marketing translations:

•Exclusively native speaker translators with many years professional experience in the marketing and/or PR field

•ESpecialists for marketing translations with a feel for the language

As well as printed texts, we prepare translations of websites and software. Here also we have translators who match the initial texts perfectly to the respective target public and cultural sensitivities in the target country. In this context we also talk of “localization”.

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Step by step to first-class quality - our procedures for document translations

When translating documents, we adopt the following procedure to guarantee a perfect result:

Sending the text

In a first step you send us the document which you need translating, ideally as an office or pdf file.


You receive a free non-binding offer from us. Here you can rely on the fact that this is a fixed price.

Analysis of the text

Our experienced project managers thoroughly examine your document and then assign a suitable translator. If necessary, they select a sworn translator for an officially certified translation.

Translation and checking

The selected translator performs the translation. If this is a court-certified translation, they attach their signature and a stamp.


You receive the finished translation together with our invoice by email or, if this is a certified translation, by post.

Wide range of translations

Our range of translations in the communication field

We translate a wide range of documents for you in the areas of marketing and publicity work. These include for example: brochures, catalogues, press releases, advertising mailings (online and print), websites, displays (offline and online), slogans, claims, webshops, presentations etc.
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Absolute security for your data

High data security and transparent prices

Your documents are not intended for everyone? With us you can rely on your documents not getting into the wrong hands. Many mechanisms refined over the years ensure a high data security, including modern encryption techniques.

On the other hand, full transparency prevails with our prices. These depend primarily on language and text length. We let you know what your translation will cost in a non-binding offer. Here you can rely on our fixed prices at all times.

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