The quick and easy way to certified translation

Certified translations by our sworn translators

If you wish to have a contract, a document or a certificate translated, you frequently require an officially certified translation. We can access a large network of sworn translators to do this.

Your advantage: you receive official translations with legal force quickly and easily and this in all conceivable languages. Here you benefit from project management with sequences tried and tested over many years, high data security and fair prices.

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Differences in the translations

What are certified translations?

The central difference between “normal” and certified translations lies in the person of the translator:

• Simple translations can theoretically be prepared by any trained translator. The relevant translation is not signed or stamped and has no official standing:

• Certified translations are prepared exclusively by trained and sworn court interpreters. These interpreters are appointed by the appropriate authorities responsible for this.

Certified translations are signed by the sworn translator. In most cases, a stamp and place and date are added. The translator thus guarantees the correctness and completeness of content and certified translations of documents acquire their legal force.

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You all benefit from the following advantages when you have your documents translated by us:

More than 35 years experience
All languages from a single source
Translations in all technical areas
Large team of experienced translators
Fast delivery time by express translation
Fair prices for exceptional work
Certified translations

When do certified translations of documents need to be prepared?

There are various documents for which certified translations need to be prepared. These include, for example:

contracts, court documents, register extracts, birth and marriage certificates, balance sheets for court examination abroad, certificates, etc.

The relevant authority advises whether you require a certified translation. And then? Then you’d best approach us. This is because as a certified translations office, we offer you sworn translators for all requirements and all languages.

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Validity for certified translations

How long is an officially certified translation valid?

In most cases, a certified translation is valid as long as the document on which it is based. In some cases however, the translation can cover a maximum of six months, for example, in the case of birth certificates. In cases of doubt you had best enquire with the relevant authority.
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Step by step to first-class quality - our procedures for translations

For the translation of documents we adopt the following procedure to guarantee a perfect result:

Sending the text

Send us the initial documents, preferably as a word or PDF file. Fax is also possible.


We shall be pleased to make you a non-binding offer. Naturally you can rely completely and utterly on our prices.

Analysis of the text

After we have received your order confirmation, our project managers analyze your documents. Then they assign a suitable sworn translator to the job.

Translation and checking

The translator translates your document into the target language and ensures its legal force with his signature and a stamp.


You receive the certified translation from us together with our invoice by post.  

Many years’ experience and high quality

Why are we the ideal contact for officially certified translations?

• Enormous pool of translators: we can access a wide network of sworn translators, Here we only use native speakers who are familiar with the particular topic.

• Translations in all languages: we have the right experts for translations into all languages.

• Absolute reliability: high quality and absolute reliability are central for us at every point in the translation process.

• High data security: your documents are in good hands with our translators. This is ensured by high security standards and continuous quality management.

• Fair prices: error-free translations at fair prices - we have been successfully following this motto for more than 35 years.
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Our fixed price guarantee

What do certified translations cost?

Good translations come at a price and this is always fair for us. The price depends primarily on the length and the language. The degree of difficulty on the other hand is not important for us.
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