Patent Translation

Our patent translations

Patent translations for patent attorneys and patent departments

Since 1984 our company has grown to become one of the largest patent translation agencies in Europe. We translate thousands of patents per year into all languages of the world and in almost all patent classes and the trend is ever increasing. With our patent translations we thus cover the entire range of patent affairs and intellectual property .

Our patent translations are intended for the following purposes:

• Patent filing at patent offices worldwide

• Patent monitoring

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Experience and quality

Our clients

Our patent translations are requested by clients in Europe, USA, Asia and Japan. Our regular clients include:

• Patent attorney offices (approximately 200 worldwide)

• Patent departments of large companies

• Research & development

• Inventors etc

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Our services for patent translation

How we differ from our competitors

• Over 35 years’ experience in patent affairs

• Translation of thousands of patents per year

• Large team of experienced patent translators

• All languages from one source

• All technical fields

• Prompt delivery times

• First-class quality

• Favourable price
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General observations on the translation of patents

Since we can look on over 35 years of experience, we know how the content and formatting of a patent should appear. Our patent translators are therefore very familiar with:

• patent-specific technical language

• structural content of patent specifications

• vocabulary of the respective patent class

• formatting of patent specifications

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You all benefit from the following advantages when you have patents translated by us:

More than 35 years’ experience
All languages from a single source
Translations in all technical areas
Large team of experienced translators
Fast delivery time by express translation
Fair prices for exceptional work

Our patent translation services

Translation of patents etc. both for filing in patent offices worldwide and also for information:

• European patents, utility models, lists of goods etc.

• PCT patents

• US patents

• Japanese patents

• Patent drawings

• Correspondence

• Technical literature

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Our services in the field of
patent translations

Our most important patent translations services include the following fields:

General mechanics
Machinery and plant engineering
Electrical engineering and electronics
Organic and inorganic chemistry
Biochemistry and biotechnology
Medicine and medical technology
Biology and molecular biology
and other fields

Qualification of our patent translators

Your patent specifications will be translated into all languages of the world by native speakers who live in the target country and have in-depth knowledge of the respective technical field and patent class. Our patent translators are, for example, engineering graduates in electrical engineering, mechanical engineers, physicists, chemists, biologists etc. as well as graduate technical translators having many years of translation experience in patent affairs. These translators have therefore received their training to become patent translators either at patent attorneys, patent departments etc., or some patent translators have been trained by us. All our colleagues are familiar with the high duty of care with which patent translations in particular must be carried out.
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Layout of the patents

We design the layout of patent translations according to country and client requirements.

For Europe for example, we adhere exactly to the guidelines of the European Patent Office for the layout of patent translations. Therefore, no further editing is necessary on your part and you do not experience any unpleasant surprises when filing your patent application.

• Translation of the claims to meet the appropriate requirements

• Translation of the description

• Translation of the abstract (PCT applications)

• Annotation of the drawings

• Maintaining the formal requirements: 1.5-line spacing and 12 point font

• Completed compilation of description, claims and drawings for filing

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Certification of the patent translation

If a certification of the translation of your patent application should be required by the national legislative authority, we can issue a so-called Translator’s Certificate at any time.
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Step by step to first-class quality - our procedures for patent translations

In order to ensure high-quality patent translations, we proceed according to the following principle:

Patent analysis

We analyze your patent with regard to the field of the invention and collate the necessary reference material. We select a patent translator who is technically suitable for the particular patent class. 

Translation of the patent

We translate your patent carefully and scientifically in order to ensure uniformity in the entire translation and in any subsequent patents. 


After translation, each patent is proofread again and specifically with regard to technical accuracy and patent-specific formulations.


After a factually correct patent translation is provided, this is edited. Expression and sentence structure are checked again so that the result quite simply reads like a patent.

Formatting and layout of the patent

The translated patents are formatted in the correct patent format. Any patent drawings are translated and re-annotated.

Delivery on time

We know about the deadlines for patents. Your translated patent will therefore be delivered absolutely on time.

Our punctuality with patent translations

In addition to the high commitment of our patent translators, our clients also value our absolute punctuality and reliability, two essential points with regard to deadlines in patent affairs. Even with very short deadlines, we do everything we can to meet your wishes. If necessary, our translators work over the weekend for you.
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Confidentiality clause in patent translations

In all actions relating to patents, we place the greatest importance on confidentiality. Absolutely confidential treatment of our patents is naturally ensured.
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High quality at fair prices

Transparency and security

High quality at fair prices – with this motto we have been successful for more than 35 years. It is important to us that you are informed of the costs at all times.

• We calculate patent translations - differently according to client and country - either by the number of words in the target language or per standard line of the target language.

• Patent attorneys usually require an invoice per word whilst company clients frequently require an invoice per standard line. In some countries invoicing is exclusively per word of the source text. We are also guided by our clients’ wishes.

• If you compare us with the competitors you will be surprised at the favourable rates of our patent translations.

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